Step 1 : Select encounter difficulty

Difficulty level

Step 2 : Specify Average Party Level

Only an image spacer

Step 3: Specify Game Pace

Speed levels

Step 4: Select Encounter Treasure Quantity

Treasure Quantity

Step 5 : Specify Campaign Magic Level

Magic Level

Step 6 : Select Residual Value

Only an image spacer % treasure value in gp (Jewels + Gems + Coins)

Step 7 : Select Jewels VS Coins Ratio

Jewels VS Coins Ratio

Step 8 : Optional Treasure Label
Step 9 : Other Options
Generate Mundane Items title
Hide Result Details title
Group Similar Results title
Breakdown Jewels/Gems title

% of total

Breakdown Coins title

Fixed Treasure Value title
Generate Specific Category title
Generate Multiple Treasures title

Append to top of list title
Add Category Color Legend title
Step 10 : Generate Treasure
Step 11 : Print Treasure